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Sonders&Beach is a company founded in 2007 from a team of people with more then 15 years of experience and lovers of travel and tourism industry. Based in US (San Francisco) and Europe (Milan and Rome) with more then 100 employees, Sonders&Beach offers services to companies who wants to reach the LGBT market.

During his life, Sonders&Beach has founded a global network of brands focused in the travel and hospitality industry.

Sonders & Beach’s mission is to innovate every day the travel experiences of every type of traveler during and after the holiday, ready to abandon the traditional travel patterns of the past and betting on more and more innovative products.

Our vision is to make us useful in creating a world where people can be free to travel as they are, meeting other people similar to them and feeling at home.

Our Global Brands and Companies

The Sonders&Beach family of brands, a group of excellent and specialized companies, cover across the globe every aspect of the Travel & Hotel Industry and makes travel inclusive for all people: facility management, tour operating, media, e-travel and travel show. The Sonders&Beach brands serves leisure travelers with tastes and budgets ranging from modest to luxury.

Sonders & Beach, the trademark owner of Sonders Hotels, Quiiky Travel, Qmagazine and Wimbify is the only multiservice business company for tourism industry: from tour operating, to publishing for tourist destinations and innovative lifestyle, to the quality outsourcing services for accommodation and catering facilities to the new Wimbify app for LGBT tourism, S&B responds with twenty years of experience to the many needs of a constantly evolving market. We are a young and very dynamic team that combines the profound knowledge of the hotel industry with the emerging needs of an increasingly stratified and differentiated market, with a strong tendency to address the issues of social sustainability inherent to the LGBTQ+ community.

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