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“Società Benefit” (in the US, Benefit Corporation) are a new legal form of enterprise introduced in the Italian legal system in 2015. This type of society insert in its Statute, beyond the classical profit targets, an aim of positive impact on society, people and environment.
Sonders & Beach has become a Società Benefit on 22 November, 2021, by integrating these objectives in its Statue.

Our vision is an economy that use business as a force to generate positive change in society. As a Società Benefit, we set ourselves a higher purpose, namely to create benefits for all stakeholders and not only for partners.


  1. As a Società Benefit, in accordance with and by the effects of law of 28 December 2015 n. 208, paragraphs 376-384, the company intends to pursue one or several purpose of common benefit and operate in a responsible, sustainable, fair, inclusive, and transparent manner towards people, community, territory and environment, cultural heritage and cultural and social activities, bodies and associations and other stakeholders.

    The company pursues social and economic sustainability in full respect of equity, inclusion, and human rights protection, placing particular emphasis to contribute to the possibility of LGBT community to satisfy its own basic human needs (Subsistence, Rest, Comprehension, Identity, Participation, Affection, Creation, Freedom, Protection) as the basis for the happiness of people and the company search for solutions that tend toward the possibility to satisfy the basic human needs of people who are impacted by activities in which are involved.

    The company, furthermore, is committed to pursue the creation of the best possible conditions to attract, grow and keep talented people through the creation of a work environment favorable to welcome, inclusion, equity, and enhancement of diversity.

  2. In the exercise of its economic activities, furthermore, the company will target to improve to social environment in which it operates by reducing negative externalities that are generated to the members belong to LGBT community. In particular, the company will implement practices and, more generally, processes to regain social dignity of the members of LGBT community in order to improve their integration into the civil society, their economic and personal wellness and socio-cultural impacts of the individual in the context of the collective. Therefore, the company:

  • promotes in its own projects the social impact with a view of social responsibility with particular attention to the development of a inclusive, equitable and respectful culture of human rights;
  • promotes social and economic sustainability in the tourism;

  • promotes and develops educational practices and models – in particular at public and private educational organization aimed at young people – that help to spread well-being in the territories, organizations and between people and ethical behavior in order for it to create and spread a new paradigm founded on the principles of awareness, reciprocity and comprehension;

  • according to a relational and systems approach, promotes, develops and spreads principles and practices of sustainable innovation between people and into the social organizations, including through the development of communities that share knowledge and good practices;

  • supports, collaborates, and cooperates at both strategic and operational level with no-profit organizations, foundations, and others similar which the aims are in line and consistent with those of company to contribute to their development and to amplify the positive impact of of the activities performed.

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