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Add value to your travel services with our consultancy program and get access to the protocol ‘QueerVadis Diversity&Inclusion’!

‘Queervadis Diversity&Inclusion Protocol’ is a professional validation for all travel companies wanting to be acknowledged as ‘gay-friendly’, for their specific care to the LGBTQ+ target.

The protocol audit is in charge of AITGL (Italian Association for Gay&Lesbian Travel)

Validated by the international certification body RINA

Protocol QueerVadis - Diversity & Inclusion

‘QueerVadis – Diversity&Inclusion’ Protocol defines the best practices to be adopted in order to deal with marketing, sales, customer care and hospitality in general and attract the LGBTQ+ community. It also help and give guidelines to approach the ‘Diversity Management’ in your company.

The Protocol application is verified by AITGL (Italian Association for Gay&Lesbian Travel), every year, by scheduled audits.

New customers, Better Reviews, Better Leverage and Improved Ethical Performances

Make the difference!

Apply to the ‘QueerVadis – Diversity&Inclusion’ Protocol and get benefits right away:

  • Brand Reputation: QueerVadis – Diversity&Inclusion’ Protocol is validated by the International Certification Body RINA, which confirms validity of procedures and good practices as per the Protocol itself; Here the protocol validation, issued by the certification body RINA:
  • Online Reputation: Joining the first Italian Protocol dedicated to the LGBTQ+ travel industry improves your credibility online and offline. Your guests will review your company for its ethical choice to stand up for the Community!
  • Know How:skills and strategies to attract and keep the LGBTQ+ traveller with customized services;
  • Visibility: with ‘QueerVadis – Diversity&Inclusion’ Protocol’ you get the right to use the ‘QueerVadis Approved’ label and be mentioned on the portal ‘com’ for free;

Ready for the first audit? Not yet? Then, apply to our Program

What is the Program about?

Training & Strategy

Training and Consultancy to elaborate a customized product strategy, including marketing and Communication;


Consultancy for organic positioning, using 5 important keywords.

Content Marketing​

How to create targeted contents for your website;

Ads Design

How to improve visual and copy contents for LGBTQ+advertising campaigns;


How to create targeted online ads campaigns;

Social Media​​

Strategic Consultancy for an efficient presence on social Networks.

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Alessio Virgili

Consultant and Trainer

Giovanna Ceccherini


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