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We Help Companies and Tourist Destinations to get more customers and to improve their reputation through LGBTQ+ Tourism.

Increase brand loyalty by enhancing your ROI.


We are the first international tourist group in Italy which has been dealing with Inclusive and Sustainable Tourism for over 20 years, with a particular focus on the LGBTQ+ travel world. Based in Europe and the USA, we are among the founders of AITGL – Italian LGBTQ+ Tourism Board and ELTA – European LGBTQ+ Travel Alliance. Every day, we stand with hotels, destinations, CVBs and airlines to contribute to their growth in this specific market with a unique package of services

Why is it important to promote an inclusive and diversity-respecting vacation environment?

Accommodation Facilities

Stop using the commercial price leveraging! Stand out from other hotel offers and increase direct bookings to reduce reliance on OTA commissions.

Destinations, CVBs & DMCs

The market rewards and retains 360° inclusive destinations. CVBs and DMCs can support the destination and its tourism stakeholders, generating well-being for both citizens and guests and strengthening the destination's brand.


Today, inclusivity is a must! Transportation companies are global ambassadors for the ethical and economic values of diversity, capable of extending its dissemination on a national and international scale.

What can we do for you?


Don't Improvise! Know your Buyer Persona through market data and case studies, and acquire the right skills in LGBTQ+ Tourism, Gay Marketing, and Diversity & Inclusion Management with our online courses or with our customized on-site training for every company department: Governance, HR and Administration, Marketing - Communication and Sales, Operations.


"Establish a Proper and Consistent Strategy! Starting with an initial assessment, we perform a Gap Analysis to propose the right solutions: from Data Analysis using AI systems to the adoption of DE&I policies in accordance with ESG criteria, through the customization of your 'product,' and the development of communication and marketing strategies tailored to the LGBTQ+ community..


"Reach your target on specialized channels!"From the support in the design of the right advertising message (copy and visuals) to planning an Ads campaign on our LGBTQ+ Audience Network, consisting of websites, digital magazines, and social channels with over 1 million profiled users.

Event Organization

Stand closer to your stakeholders! Whatever it is, a b2b or a B2c event, we are here to support in logistics (location, F&B suppliers,) to the guests' selection (opinion leaders, influencers, decision makers), but also for business events where we can support in selecting speakers, tour operators, travel agents for LGBTQ+ fam and press trips.

Video Factory

Create high-impact multimedia content! For years, we work alongside companies and destinations to create photographic and video content targeted at promoting their products and services inclusively to the LGBTQ+ community. After an initial briefing with the client, we will create the storyboard, select potential models, and organize video and photo shoots.


Adopt Queervadis Protocol QueerVadis validated by RINA! "Our consultants will support you throughout the accreditation process, up to certification audits. Certify your company according to the QV Protocol, in line with ESG criteria, to provide an extra level of security for your guests and bring value to all your stakeholders."

Clients Say About Us

I"The UNA Group has welcomed the creation of the Diversity & Inclusion protocol and confirms the will to undertake the process to obtain the 'Queervadis Approved' label, with the start of the activity of training in collaboration with Sonders & Beach; this activity is part of the journey we've built together since UNAHOTELS Expo Fiera Milano was chosen as the headquarters for the 38th IGLTA World Convention, the global event that will shine a spotlight on the city of Milan in October 2022. The commitment to subscribe the protocol is a further step following the receipt of the LGBTQ+ Hotel Chain of the year award in 2019 and it is consistent with the ethical code of the UNA Group, founded on the value of hospitality towards all types of Italian and international travelers. A mission that is contained in our payoff 'Italian hospitality is UNA.'"
Daniele Mereu
GM UNA Hotels Group
"I am excited to share my positive review regarding the new work with you, edited on behalf of the Tourism Authority of Thailand. Since we started collaborating with you, I have experienced a superlative quality of work, which has exceeded all our expectations. It goes without saying that this collaboration will continue for many more years".
Sandro Botticelli
Marketing Manager - Tourism Authority of Thailand
"Since many years now, the collaboration of the Grand Hotel et de Milan with Sonders and Beach Group has allowed our hotel to stand out in the international hospitality landscape. A valuable partner in the continuous support towards fully inclusive tourism, as well as a reference point for prestigious guests. A valuable partner in the ongoing support towards fully inclusive tourism, and a benchmark for prestigious guests. We are truly grateful to Sonders and Beach Group for the ongoing possibilities of collaboration, always aimed at enhancing our offering in all its aspects".
Andrea Piantanida
GM Grand Hotel et de Milan

Some of Our Clients

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No because our consultancy provides tools and strategies applicable in a comprehensive manner, both within the company - to enhance the perception of well-being in the workplace for the LGBTQ+ community - and towards LGBTQ+ customers - who have expectations not only in terms of quality and service standards but also in terms of safety and dedicated offer. We consider the LGBTQ+ community as a target with its own peculiarities. By supporting these peculiarities, you can improve loyalty opportunities and brand positioning as a company that takes care to the needs of all.

Having at your disposal expert advisors allows you to avoid missteps and helps your company to make improvements. This can make a significant difference! The DE&I consultancy provided by Sonders&Beach is never standardized but it is based on the state of the art of your company and on the development goals in terms of well-being. The DE&I work is delicate as it deals with the most intimate and personal aspects of each individual.Making missteps, not having the right tools for communication, not adequately training the staff can seriously compromise the expected results, and lead to a waste of time and resources. As mentioned, our consultations are always articulate to the company's needs, and the timetable for reaching results are jointly defined.


Alessandro Cecchi Paone


Andrea Cosimi

Key Account Manager

Giovanna Ceccherini

Senior Consultant and Trainer

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