Mission, Vision & Values

Sonders & Beach’s mission is to innovate every day the travel experiences of every type of traveler during and after the holiday, ready to abandon the traditional travel patterns of the past and betting on more and more innovative products.

Sonders & Beach’s vision is to make us useful in creating a world where people can be free to travel as they are, meeting other people similar to them and feeling at home.


Social Responsibility

We respect the UNO Standards of Conduct for the Defense of Human Rights. We apply to social sustainability criteria and tackle discrimination both in staff management and in all market activities.


Social Equality

In compliance with equity criteria, we commit to help personal growth, no matter sexual orientation, origin or religious beliefs.


Diversity Management

We welcome diversity, both internally and in the travel industry. We actively stand for inclusion, social, cultural and economic sustainability.


Economic Sustainability

We operate in terms of participatory project management, in order to share concrete and pursuable goals and promote growth by monitoring the achievement of results, step after step. We also value and monitor impacts of our decisions and actions both internally and externally.

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