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We help tourist/hotel facilities to improve customers satisfaction by outsourcing of their "no-core" services

A partner who takes care of Your customers as you dedicate yourselves to Your Core Business.


S&B Hotels Services & Consultancy is the Sonders and Beach Group division that deals with Integrated Facility Management Services for travel industry combining business consulting and advanced training with the provision of some specific services. The aims is to improve the efficiency of the entire organization, make it more flexible and able to adapt to market changes through the optimized management of the company spaces with those of of human resources and of the company’s activities. 

We were among the first in Italy to deal with Outsourcing for Hotel Facilities, with particular attention to housekeeping and food&beverage departments, more than 22 years ago. With headquarters in Europe and in the US, today we have over 300 employees and we are alongside our clients with innovative services and oriented to sustainability (ESG).

The Hotel is jointly and severally liable with its own contractor: it is important to choose an economically sound Partner that is able protect you by offering the right guarantees.

Economic Benefits

Zero fixed costs for personnel! You only pay when you actually need services rooms to be tidied up.

Managerial Benefits

No duty typical of hiring staff! You won't have to worry about staff recruitment, selection and hiring, but neither to replacement in connection with holidays or illness or the administrative management (preparation of payslip, training,...).

Waste Reduction

Thanks to our innovative technical regulations and cleaning products, in the case of cleaning services, our staff will work with full respect for sustainability with attention to thoughtful use of primary goods like water and electricity.

What can we do for you??

We manage entire departments or functions of hotel facilities, incidental to their core business in outsourcing. We take the business risk by employing our qualified personnel and the necessary means. The services can be entirely outsourced or used to manage extraordinary peaks of frequency to which the hotel is unable to handle with its own resources. SH is able to support hotels already started or in the opening phase.

Cleaning and Sanitizing

A perfectly clean, tidy, and sanitized room is one of the decisive aspects when booking an hotel. We improve the experiences of your customers ensuring an accurate and quality service by employing a professional personnel, eco-friendly products and innovative equipment. The service is coordinated by the use of a management platform.


From the management of restaurant, bar, plonge service to room service starting from a careful choice of raw materials, never at the expense of quality, we define the type of buffet, the fix menu or the à la carte menu in accordance with the hotel. The service is carried out with professional staff, trained according to latest HACCP regulations.

Porterage, Park Valet & Stewarding

From the preparation and cleaning of the restaurant, kitchen and meeting rooms to a professional welcoming with parking service and transport of luggage for your guests.


With particular attention to integrated sustainability issues - the distinctive drivers of our activities - we work everyday to help our partners to optimaze management costs with solutions attentive to to the well-being of businesses and their guests.


From hotel reception to marketing, from sale to customer care, from food&beverage to housekeeping, we provide personalized solutions to train staff as a function of improvement objectives definied to the company that allow you to acquire skills and how know relevant to your own function to improve customer relationship.

Our Modus Operandi


After a careful inspection and a first assessment to evaluate customer needs and the characteristics of the place, our team prepare a rough estimate of costs.


Once defined the economical aspect, we create the contract, the specifications and the quality standards at the base of collaboration.


Research and selection of the personnel necessary to the accomplishment of the services subject of the contract. Supply of necessary products and equipment.



The work surface is defined weekly on the base of the occupancy and needs of the hotel.



Constant control of the performance at the hands of our heads of service present on site and in constant contact with hotel management.



Monthly joint control of performance carried out for the purpose of billing that takes place the first days of the following mont to the reference with balance within the first 10 days of the same month.

What our clients say

"We cooperate with Sonders for years and we always have a positive feedback on any services provided. The needs of our industry are always changing, and especially for this aspect, I assess the Sonders's attitude positively. They are always in line with the continuous change of our requests, legal obligations, administrative and fiscal requirements. The propensity to adapt to the needs of the customer and to resolve the difficulties and drawbacks, make Sonders a reliable partner. In my opinion, reliability is precisely the element to be found in chaotic but "necessary" world of Hotel Outsourcing".
Giovanni Ricci
GM Grand Hotel Duca D'Este****

Some of our Clients


Part of it, yes. Assuming that labour costs is the same for everyone and we don't have special discounts, in addition to the base cost of personnel, we have to consider the amortization of any costs related to products and equipment used in the service and of course, the margin for Our Company.

Considering this, Hotel Outsourcing still represents a form of saving. Firstly, the transition from "fix costs" to "variable costs" of personnel on the bases of hotel occupancy is a significant savings. Then there are so many accessory costs derived from personnel management that are absorbed by us because they are no longer the competency of the hotel. For example the processing of pay slips and relative annual tax returns, staff training, uniforms,..., etc.


Unfortunately unfair competition in our sector has increased dramatically during the years. More and more companies implement work contracts called "pirate" or in extreme cases, they have no protection for the employees that are underpaid, or this companies often do not pay taxes. This companies have attracted the attention of some hoteliers that unaware of co-responsibility towards workers and tax obligations, they have had to pay twice: first the contractor's invoices, and then wage and contribution differences, and in some cases fiscal differences that the outsourcing company did not pay.

To gain more confidence, we have developed a guarantee fund where the client pay a share of 0.50% of the monthly statement that should pay us. This amount is a guarantee held in case of possible irregularities that may arise during the contract.

Moreover, In addition to a third-party insurance, we periodically provide to our Client documentation certifying the our tax and contributions regularity (DURC e DURF).


Elvira Agate

COO Sonders&Beach Hospitality

Andrea Cosimi

Key Account Manager

Giovanna Ceccherini

Sales Manager S&B

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