Your Room is Sanitized
Discover the commitments adopted by your lodging to ensure you have a safe and pleasant experience

This facility adheres to the “Protocollo Ospitalita Sicura” or “Safe Hospitality Protocol” of Sonders&Beach Italy Srl. The protocol establishes the procedures to ensure the best level of sanitation and safety for guests and staff, in order to contain the risk of spreading COVID-19.

The guidelines of the “Safe Hospitality Protocol” establish a system of sanitation and safety, replacing the usual cleaning procedures and improving them with the use of products, technologies and practices that will safeguard the health of all who interact with the establishment.

Italian Ministerial Decree 274/1997 Art. 1 defines the following activities: a) cleaning activities are those that concern the set of procedures and operations aimed at removing dust, unwanted material or dirt from surfaces, objects, confined spaces and areas of relevance; b) sanitization activities are those that concern the set of procedures and operations aimed at making healthy certain environments through cleaning and / or disinfection and / or pest control or through the control and improvement of microclimate conditions with regard to temperature, humidity and ventilation, or with regard to lighting and noise.


  • Give maximum visibility to the legal stipulations of the appropriate public health authorities;

  • Take every precaution to maintain social distancing and comply with the rules regarding the use of masks;

  • Provide staff training on practices to contain the spread of Covid-19, with a focus on department operations and the efficient management of any suspected cases of infection;

  • Maintain the “Safe Hospitality Protocol” Guest Register and the Covid Risk Assessment Plan through self-monitoring;

  • Monitor the occurrence of any abnormalities, respecting the right to privacy, and undertake the necessary procedures to contain the risk of pandemic spread;

  • Check the temperature of hotel staff, guests and any individuals seeking access before entering the facility, and ensuring the correct use of surgical masks /FPP2.  A person with temperature higher than 37.5° cannot enter the facility, or if there has been contact with another person testing positive in the previous 14 days;

  • Share with staff, guests and suppliers our operating practices in accordance with the guidelines of the ‘Safe Hospitality’ Protocol;

  • Sanitize common areas several times a day and provide sanitizing gel dispensers in place;

  • Sanitize rooms thoroughly before re-letting;

  • Air all areas frequently;

  • Adopt specific anti-Covid 19 tested products for sanitizing, cleaning and sanitizing surfaces and air, with sporicidal, bactericidal and virucidal effects: We have chosen RELY+ON VIRKON ( The product is odorless, non-toxic and compatible with any fabric; it allows access to the rooms immediately even in the presence of aerosol/nebulization;

  • Continue to always welcome and serve our guests in the best way possible.

disinfectant, spray, trigger


  • Room Aeration;
  • Sanitize all surfaces, including separates and intake vents;
  • Give special attention to: telephone, remote controls, door knobs, alarm clock, power outlets, hangers, TV, charging stations for electronic devices, safe, laundry bags, magazines, books, glasses, kettle, coffee maker, teaspoons, ice basket, stationery set, iron and ironing board, courtesy water bottles, and light switches;
  • Sanitize the bathroom: door and handle, all knobs and faucets, jumpers, shower head and drain, stool, switches, sockets, hair dryer, bathroom scale, broom handle, glasses, mirror;
  • Change bed and bathroom linens, place in airtight bags and keep apart from clean linens;
  • Sanitize the interior and exterior of the minibar as well as of closed packages;
  • Sanitize the air of the room with dry aerosol (optional);
  • Sanitize mattress after each guest;
  • Floor washing/carpet cleaning with sanitizing product.
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