We promote Social Sustainability in the Travel Industry.

We help businesses better welcome travellers and creating custom experiences through our different brands.



Quiiky creates incoming and outgoing travel experiences. Among our product, Quiiky's Untold History Tour connects you with the fascinating LGBTQ+ history of Italy's top destinations



Quiiky Magazine is the premier Italian lifestyle and travel magazine and portal dedicated to LGBTQ+ travelers, featuring articles on Italian destinations, cuisines, wines, art, history and culture



Training & consulting services for the development of new services, marketing & communication strategies related to sustainable and inclusive tourism for private & public companies



With more than 20 years of experience in the Ho.re.ca industry, we provide full-service housekeeping, catering and management services to hotels 4/5* and other hospitality operations

Sonders and Beach is an international group of specialized companies whose brands encompass the entire range of the travel and hospitality industry. Since our founding in 2002, we have been dedicated to creating and supporting unique travel experiences that always have social inclusion and environmental sustainability in mind. We are focused on the LGBTQ+ market, and are committed to promoting safe and welcoming travel for all people. Our motto is “Free to travel as you are”.


2 Countries

Worldwide Group


Est. 2002

Long time in the business


+100 Employee

Professional Team

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