We embrace and support diversity

Wellbeing of people
is for ourselves wellbeing

We have always worked to create unique travel experiences characterized by freedom and wellbeing for every type of traveler. To do so, we directly started from us and from our employees putting themselves in the first place and committing ourselves to comply with criteria for diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Embrace and support diversity before inside and then out our company is our strength, our starting point for every new project.


We help Ho.Re.Ca companies to achieve sustainable growth in economic and environmental terms and in terms of social inclusion. We train all our staff on the basis of our Diversity & Inclusion Protocol and through ad hoc training courses to learn how to welcome every type of traveler on the basis of specific and different needs.


Embrace diversity also means choosing the right suppliers. We collaborate with truths that advocating the economic emancipation by the development of the diversity and by an inclusive and equal workplace for everyone. Among them tourist destinations, hotels and tour operators have decided to adopt our Diversity & Inclusion Protocol dedicated to the inclusion of diversity in tourism.

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